“A Symphony of Grace”

Sunrise by Gayle Polinski FB_IMG_1540604946368
A Gentle Morning Sunrise by Gayle Polinski

To be in one accord – to harmonize in unison – and to come together as One

Grace is a room of a thousand mirrors all reflecting the face of Jesus Christ

Grace is the cloak that covers the naked and the hand that drops the rock

Grace is the stamp that says “ransomed” on the life that screams ruined

Grace is…”Life Restored!”

Do you know that we all have a seat as instruments within the “Divine Symphony”-  through Jesus Christ – ordained by our Heavenly Father’s heart of love?  As our spirit longs to be played within the symphony of God – to have His fresh wind blowing through our spirit as an instrument to glorify His Name.  While asking our hearts so many questions:  Have we found our place in the Symphony of God?  Do we want to remain a lifeless instrument that has lost its tune? Has our song become burdened down with the busyness of life, so that we now lay tarnished – unseen and unheard?  Or do we want to go solo and not be an intricate part of the whole?

Honestly, I had never thought of the Body of Jesus Christ as an Orchestra – but heard a teaching using this analogy many years ago – that the Holy Spirit brought back to my remembrance this morning while I was in the Intimate Place.  Actually, I heard Him whisper the word “Symphony” a few times to my heart that I chose to disregard.  So grateful that the Holy Spirit doesn’t give up on us and continues to remind us to move forward!  Makes my heart smile!  So I looked for my notes – that had sadly collected dust in the annuals of my mind.  To remember, once again, how the sound of music –  with its beautiful ebb and flow – the highs and lows – help to open and unlock the windows of our souls – as the Word of God States – that our Heavenly Father sings over us and in the Heavenly realms choirs of Angels sing praises to our God and over His Creation!

So, once again, He asks us, “Are we willing to lose ourselves amidst the vast Symphony – or do we need to be the center of attention and the focal point?” As we are reminded that Beethoven lost his hearing when he was composing the “Ninth Symphony” – and yet it was the final symphony he completed – with the grace of God.  As it states, “Beethoven’s hearing loss is long captivated by the tragic circumstances of a deaf composer and the ways Beethoven managed to keep working, even after he completely lost his hearing by the time he was 45. (He died at age 56)  And when he was completely deaf – with the need to complete his Ninth Symphony – he sawed the legs off his piano and used the floor as a sounding board.”  He never gave up – no matter what – and fulfilled God’s calling on his life – whose music still blesses us – as a ripple effect – all these many years later…

And yes! Our Heavenly Father is able to play every instrument within His Divine Symphony – and yes – we are imperfect – but He is perfect” and Jesus is our Conductor!  So why do we become paralyzed believing the lie that we have to be perfect?  What has stopped us from playing the song – the message – we have been called and gifted to share?  As every person  who sits within a Symphony is able to clearly see the Conductor.  So who or what is blocking our view?   Also, what I never knew – is that there is another very important and necessary position within a Symphony, called the “Concertmaster,” who sits in the first Violin position – who is the one “tuning the rest of the symphony” into harmony together!”  You see we also have a “Concertmaster” within God’s Divine Symphony who is the Holy Spirit – who lives within us.  Who breathes life into our hearts and lives – so that we are able to come into agreement with one another – with people who are different, opinionated, and invested, coming together in one accord for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven…

So once again, the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit encourages us…as He whispers… ”Please go and find your instrument again – pick it up from where you left it…waiting –   dust it off – get it tuned up again with the Word of God – and bring it into the light so that it shines, and is ready to play the song that has been uniquely composed and designed only for you to play; seated within the Divine Symphony of our Heavenly Father!

“Amazing Grace how sweet the sound…”

From my Heart…


Job 38; Zephaniah 3:17; Matthew 18:19-20;

I Corinthians 14:7-8; Acts 15:7-11; Hebrews 12:1

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