A heart of Gratefulness…

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       Once again…woke up with you on my heart as l was looking for a song to, hopefully,  bless you with, since we are at the doorstep of celebrating a time of Thanksgiving together.  And when I heard this song, which really surprised me and brought tears of joy to my heart; to remind me, once again, that the greatest gift of all time –  is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  The One who pulled us out of the darkness into the  radiant beauty of His Light – as truly there are no words to describe my gratefulness…
       To know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, willingly chose to come down from Heaven to be born as a baby – to heal our broken hearts, to fill us with His love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and with His gentleness!  Born to a young Virgin maiden named Mary – truly takes my breath away!  And yes! As we enter into this gentle “Season of Gratefulness,”  with thanksgiving, which is the door we pass through to celebrate His humble birth at Christmas!    To remember – and to never forget – that our Heavenly Father reached down and chose to place us together as part of His Eternal Family.  For loving us even when we’re not lovable, for forgiving us before we even ask – and for never leaving us not even for a moment – while never letting go of our hands! And who has never given up on us – no matter what – as He watches over us, and blesses us as our Divine Warrior Redeemer  – and places His Angels all around us to guard and protect over us – as we walk together here on Earth…
      As I am overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude knowing that He is always by our side with every breath we take – as a beautiful reminder that we are never alone.  Because He is our Shepherd, who He gently carrying us in His arms close to His heart – and even when we’re separated by time and space – we are still joined together by the Spirit of God.  As absolutely nothing can separate us from His Love – it’s a Promise!  And for this I am humbly grateful!
From my heart...
Numbers 6:24-26;  Isaiah 40:11;  Psalms 91:11-12;  Romans 8:38-39

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