“His Treasure in Jars of Clay” 

Gayle Polinsky - The Potters Hand - FB_IMG_1533750757954
The Potters Hand by Gayle Polinsky

The Master was searching for a vessel to use; on the shelf there were so many, which one would He choose?  “Take me!” cried the Gold one, “I’m shiny and bright.  I’m of great value and I do things just right.  My beauty and luster will outshine the rest, and for someone like you, Master, I would be the best!”

The Master passed on and with no word at all; He looked at a Silver urn, narrow and tall. “I’ll serve you, dear Master, I’ll pour out your wine and be at your table whenever you dine.  My lines are so graceful and my carvings so true, and silver would always compliment You!”

But the Master passed on to the wide mouthed Brass jar –  which was shallow and polished like glass.  “Here! Here!” cried the jar, “I know I will do, place me on your table for all men to view!”

“Look at me,”  cried the goblet of Crystal so clear. “My transparency shows my contents so clear.  Though fragile – I will serve you with pride and would be happy to be by your side.”

The Master came to a jar carved of  Wood; polished and beautiful it solidly stood.  “You may use me dear Master,”  the Wooden bowl said, “but I would rather you use me for fruit please!  But definitely, not for Bread!”

Then the Master looked down and saw a jar of clay, empty and broken it helplessly lay.  With no hope that the Master might choose, to cleanse and make whole again, to fill and to use.  “Ah! This is the jar l I have been hoping to find.  I will mend it and cleanse it and make it all Mine!  I need not a jar with pride of itself, nor the one so narrow that sits on the shelf.  Not the one that’s big mouthed, shallow and loud, nor the one that displays it’s content’s so proud.  Not the one that thinks it can do all things just right – but this plain earthen jar of clay, filled with My power and might!”

Then gently He lifted this Jar of Clay, cleansed it and mended it and filled it that day.  He spoke to it kindly, “There is work you must do – you pour out to others and I will pour into you.”  

So once again remembering, with you, on this most beautiful Son-Kissed Autumn morning;  that our Heavenly Father is the Potter and we are the clay, to be molded and formed by His hand – each a Masterpiece with His Image – a Treasure!  Yes! Chosen to be filled with His fragrance, love, and light; to walk with His purpose on the path set before us – to bring glory to His Name – and to help others walk.  So I ask myself – Am I yielded and still in His Presence? Am I willingly pliable – choosing to place “all of me” into the Hands of my Savior, Jesus Christ? Am I allowing Him to mold me as  a “usable jar of clay”- after His will…not mine?  Will I go wherever He sends me?  And am I able to say from the depths of my heart…“Father, whatever You want – I will follow You!”

 From my Heart…

2 Corinthians 4:7-11




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