Existing…Is that all there is?

Countryside Sunrise - by Gayle Polinski - FB_IMG_1530268689405
Countryside Sunrise at Monmouth Battlefield State Park by Gayle Polinsky

One morning the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Stop worrying about your everyday lives as I will take care of all your needs and wants – as you are not here only to exist.  Choose to rise above this trap and spend more time with me and in your relationships.”  I thought, “Great! I can handle this!”  As this took all the pressure off me – as all I had to do is to simply hand over my every day cares to Him – totally and literally taking Jesus at His word.  And as I did this – and as I spent more time in His Presence – my daily routine became lighter.  Even as evening fell we would light candles for Him as our lives melted into an intimate sweet union with our Heavenly Father.

But sadly, and slowly, these precious moments with my Lord Jesus started to diminish.  Isn’t it amazing how we can start to overlook and take for granted our love relationships?  As the Holy Spirit whispered, “Each day I lay riches at your feet from my heart; specifically designed for you alone – but you are so caught up in your life, that you step over them and miss my daily blessings and my gifts for you!”  Oh! How sad and how very true!   In Matthew 13:22, Jesus is explaining the “Parable of the Sower,” as he said, “The seeds that fell among the thorns stand for those who hear the message; but the worries about this life and the love for riches choke the message, and they don’t bear fruit!”

How many of us are so caught up in the ‘formulas’ of  Christianity, in the philosophy of positive confession; in the doctrines of the Bible, and in the criticism of the Brethren (for their own good, of course!), while being so busy working for the Kingdom of God – that we are actually missing the mark daily? We are simply only existing if this is all we do!  As we indulge ourselves in the works we are actually building  self-righteous walls, brick-by-brick, until we are unable to see our Saviors face anymore.  Our relationship with Him no longer exists, as we are now just playing religious roles, and have become as the Word of God states – “noisy gongs and clanging bells!”   When this takes place in our spiritual life – it also – takes place in our earthly lives – which affects all of our relationships.

Because when we lose the one-on-one with our Heavenly Father, we also lose the one-on-one with our husbands, our children, our family, our friends, and with our co-workers – as it simply becomes a ripple affect!  As by our choice –  when we diminish our relationship with Him – we then have allowed ourselves to become robbed of the fullness and the sweet fellowship – which is ours for the asking – with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.   As we are not here on earth simply to exist!  We are here for living, for lessons, for growth, and to fulfill the call on our lives as we walk on the path together with our Savior, and also, within our relationships with one another.  As what a great price our Lord Jesus paid to open up our love relationship with our Heavenly Father; through the price of His life, and through His shed blood we are able to belong – forever into Eternity – within the Family of God!

So please – look around you – and see with new eyes – “His Eyes!” those He has placed by your side or in your care.  And as you sit in His presence – choose to treasure your time with Him and with those around you – really listen to them – encouraging their hopes and dreams – while helping to steady their walk as you learn to love them as Jesus does.  Yes! Work within the Kingdom of God, with your Brothers and Sisters – the Body of Jesus Christ – and let’s bring Jesus and His love and His light into this hurting world.

“Existing…Is that all there is?”  No!  Not with Jesus!  As He takes care of our existence! As He asks us to stop building walls that separate us – but to choose to tear down those strongholds that hold us back, so we are able to step-up into His sweet Presence.  Because if we will place our relationship with Jesus in first place and in priority to everyone and everything else – He will honor all of our commitments here on earth as we “…Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added and given to you!”  Priceless!

From my Heart…

Original Writing: March 13, 1983 – before spiraling back down into the darkness, once again, to feed off the scraps of life thrown my way – with no hope!  As when I asked the Holy Spirit what to post on my Blog –  He simply said, “Read your Writings!” I am literally blown away and also saddened, and also, grateful at the same time – with tears of joy – as  I am shown through the eyes of Jesus  – that He never gives up on us – never! As truly He is a Restorer of Lives…as honestly…I never thought I would be forgiven and redeemed – and that He would ever want me to serve Him again!  But with our Heavenly Father – we are His Prodigals who He is always watching and waiting for us to return to Him – to restore us back into His Family!  As truly He leaves the ninety and nine and searches for the One – and  I am deeply and humbly grateful to be called His chosen Daughter.  From my heart…  

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