An Altar of Remembrance…

A Gift from the Heavens too by Kristie Klass - 2020
“A Reflection from the Heavens” by Kristie Klass

Once again…on this beautiful June morning I am in the Intimate Place within our home and Sanctuary – with Incense burning and with our precious pup, M’Lady Blue, wrapped up in her Prayer Love Afghan sleeping peacefully at my feet – while in the presence of our Heavenly Father!  And as I read in my daily devotional  “Come Away My Beloved” a profound writing reflecting on King David* in the Second book of Samuel  – when returning from his battles with all his  brave Warriors by his side –  he builds an Altar to the Lord.  It’s amazing how important this is for us, and especially, to our Heavenly Father to build an Altar of Remembrance to Him – so that we never forget what He has already done for us. And also, for us to hold onto the precious Promises He has written indelibly on our hearts throughout our lives.  So that when life becomes unbearable, unstable, unsteady, or unsafe – we are able to return to our Altar of Remembrances –  to turn the pages of our lives…remembering…where we have already walked – and to know, once again, that we are never alone…with Hope restored!

Throughout the Bible, especially in the Old Testament, the people built Altars to the Lord honoring and worshiping Him.  And in the precious story, an Allagory, “Hinds Feet on High Places”  when “Much-Afraid” journeys with the Shepherd –  she carried a little bag that He had given to her when they started their journey together to the High Places.  And as they walked and climbed over the rough and unknown terrain –  she would pick up stones of remembrances – at every crossroad  – and even during very difficult, frightening, and even painful times – so she would never forget.   As she prayed, ” Jesus, my Shepherd, please make my heart soft in Your strong flame so I am able to take the imprint of Your Name!”  And when Much-Afraid finally reaches the High Places where her name is wonderfully changed from Much-Afraid to “Grace and Glory” –  she builds an Altar with the precious stones she has treasured and collected while on her journey with the Shepherd.  And then the question pricked my heart – “Am I prepared?” Am I truly trusting my Shepherd with all my heart; as I continue on the path before me?  Or am I spinning out – trying to fix it all with my plans or resorting to some clever strategy?  Or am I hiding out in a safe place?

And then I hear the gentle whispers of the Holy Spirit  who speaks truths to my heart.  “All  you have to do is to keep yourself in the Love of God. Pray in the Spirit. Rejoice evermore. And be grateful and thankful in all of your circumstances as you set your affections upon Christ Jesus your Lord and Savior who is our Redeemer and Shepherd.”  As His Spirit rejoices within us – His joy – is promised. Which is the greatest joy that can come to the human heart.  As it’s the joy of our Heavenly Father that trancends all human joy!  And as King David poured out the precious water, when he returned back from the battles with his brave Warriors;  which was their gift to him from the Well of  Bethlehem – as a drink offering before the Lord – he then builds an Altar of Remembrance in gratefulness to the Lord His God!  Powerful! As we must always be prepared  – under the guidance of the Holy Spirit – of what is yet to come!

So as we build our Altar of Remembrances –  honoring and worshiping our Lord within our lives – He will answer our prayers – and the problems that plague our lives, our  hearts and minds, and our land…will be stopped!  As we choose to make our lives, and our bodies, a Living Sacrifice to the Lord our God and Savior!  It’s a Promise!

From my heart…

2 Samuel 23:15-17;   2 Samuel 24:18-25;   Psalm 91;   1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

*King David is also the Author of the Psalms – “A Man after God’s own Heart!”


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