A ‘Stained Glass Window’ for all to see!

Stained Glass Window - Santa Fe New Mexico - FB_IMG_1480695156361 (6)
Stained Glass Window – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Once again, I am in the Intimate Place in the presence of our Heavenly Father – with our M’Lady Blue sleeping at my feet – simply counting all the many blessings l have received throughout the years  – way too many to actually count; as my heart is overflowing with humble gratefulness.   And then I  remembered a time when my Shepherd, Jesus Christ – who is the Keeper of my Heart – took me by the hand to guide me gently down into the darkness of a room that I had chosen to close off  – locked within my soul called, “The Room of Broken Dreams.”  And when He asked me to come with Him –  I found myself trembling with every step we took – as this was the room I had chosen to never enter or see again.  But as I looked up at Him – I felt His strong hand holding me – as His eyes spoke volumes to my heart – and whispered, “Trust Me!” while unlocking the door…

As we entered the room the light from the Holy Spirit, who was with us – was overwhelming – and at first I couldn’t make out anything – but then as the light filled the room it made all things clear.  And as the tears ran down my cheeks I saw all these broken pieces of my dreams scattered all over the dusty and filthy floor –  some were even piled on top of each other – failed dreams – lost and discarded and valueless – some even hard to see what they once were.  Slowly my Shepherd guided me –  as He never let go of my hand.  He then bent over and started to pick up pieces  – and turned to me, as by this time, my head was already bowed down because I was feeling the pain of these losses – He said,  “Oh yes – this piece is so very precious to Me!” And then He took a few more steps and bent over again and again – picking up other pieces saying, “Yes! We need these too!” As slowly the room of broken dreams was being cleaned up piece-by-piece – and then He turned to me and said, “This room is now called “The Desires of your Heart!” As I will place all these broken pieces together and will create a beautiful Masterpiece – a ‘Stained Glass Window’ for all to see.  As from the outside it will be beautiful – but when the light from within shines through it – it becomes Spectacular!”   As He knew us in a secret place in the depths of the earth – where He planted deep within us – our desires, our gifts and talents – and where we were uniquely and wonderfully created – and where our days were written in the Book before we took our first breath of Life…

And as I remembered this most precious time with my Shepherd – who gently moved me to a place of value within the Family of God – I find myself in His Presence, once again,  in solitude and silence – opening up my heart to him about everything in my life – as His peace gently pours into my heart and helps to deepen my walk with Him.   Knowing that this is His desire for all of us to choose to unlock and open the door of our hearts to welcome Him in – so that we can share the intimacy of  time together – and even share a meal as the closest of friends.  To be able to speak openly from our hearts with Him – about our joys, and also, about the depth of our pain and sorrows.  As His desire is always towards us…and He longs for our desires to be towards Him.

Yes!  It’s a beautiful movement of the intertwining of our spirit – with a gentle ebb and flow  – which enables us to then hear the wordless love language of the Spirit of God within our hearts.  Because there truly are no words that can adequately describe them – as they come from within the deepest recesses of our hearts –  a precious gift from His heart to ours.  Which is an open invitation for all of us to enter through His door – that never closes –  because His love is never ending…It’s a Promise!

From my Heart…

Psalms 139:1-18; Revelation 3:20; Lamentations 3:22-24

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