Creation – God’s Masterpiece!

Rocky Mountain Range - Gayle Polinsky - FB_IMG_1533750432686 (2)
Rocky Mountain Range by Gayle Polinsky

Yes! It’s one of those days when I feel within my spirit the need to draw even closer to my Heavenly Father  –  while sitting in the Intimate Place within our Sanctuary – with lights dimmed – simply waiting for the dawning of this new day.  To enjoy and receive His daily gift from His heart to us –  asking me, once again, not to worry but to place my trust in Him – above all else!

And then as the sun rises –  I hear the choir of Sparrows singing together right outside our open window, with their morning song of worship to their Creator.  This is a daily occurrence – no matter what the weather brings – they sing songs of gratefulness for each new day.  We affectionately call this area “The Bird Sanctuary!”   I am in awe that we have the privilege to partner with our Heavenly Father to feed them along with our community of neighbors.  We also found that the Sparrows actually sing three times a day – and when they are through singing – they swoop down together to eat – it’s amazing to see and to hear!  And what a beautiful example for us to remember to be grateful for all things, the good, the bad and the ugly…which our Heavenly Father allows to slip through His fingers of Love to us! And if, per chance, we forget to do our part in feeding the birds – whose seeds also drop down to feed the squirrels, ducks, and rabbits – our Heavenly Father never forgets – as He is faithful! Actually blows me away that He cares so much about all of His Creation!

In my reading today which just happens to be Isaiah 40 where we are again reminded that we, as humans, are frail like the grass and as flowers that are here for a short time and then they wither and fall.  As He reminds us that  “He tends to His Flock like a Shepherd; and gathers the Lambs in His arms and carries them close to His Heart…”  And even though “He sits enthroned above the circle of the Earth,”  asking us to “Lift our eyes and look to the Heavens” to see who created all these things.  “…our Heavenly Father brings out the starry hosts one-by-one, and calls them each by name – and because of His great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing!”  As He is the Master Artist who creates with His every stroke a beautiful tapestry.  A masterpiece – within each of our lives – with dashes of color here and there – that seem out of place – but which actually bring to fruition the uniqueness of His Majesty within the beauty of His Creation…we call Life!

And then I read what I had written in the margin of my Bible…”Stop questioning God – Stop doubting – Choose to Trust!”  So on this day, once again, as I look up into the vastness of the beautiful blue skies –  Yes! Up to the Heavens in a spirit of gratefulness – thanking our Heavenly Father for never giving up on us and for knowing that we are frail and human.  While daily offering us to freely eat the fruit from the Tree of Life –  to be restored with healing as we rest under it’s leaves – while being refreshed by the living water of the Word of God through Jesus Christ – our Shepherd – who calls us by name!  Breathless!

From my Heart…


Matthew 6:24-34; Isaiah 40; Revelation 22:1-3




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