The Beauty of Silence

Autumn Pathway with Gayle DeYoung - October 2017 -22555555_797628619885_7831260049405451255_o
Autumn Pathway by Gayle Polinsky

Yes! Once again, I am in the Intimate Place, within our Sanctuary;  where the Holy Spirit reminded me, again, that l need to learn how to “deeply rest” in the presence of my Heavenly Father.  To not only speak with my mouth, but more importantly, from my heart, soul, mind, and with my spirit – and to embrace the silence within His Presence.  As the *Psalmist wrote “For God alone my soul waits in silence – from Him comes my salvation – He alone is my rock, my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken.”  So as I see more and more with new eyes, spiritual eyes; that  this is another reason why we are so tired, and restless, without true inner peace, is because we are so incredibly busy working hard to figure things out – that we become unable to hear the gentle whispers of the Holy Spirit who lives within us – who guides and directs our steps.  It’s amazing how hard it is for us to choose to learn how to stop striving and to embrace silence; especially, in this noisy world that we live in – which surrounds us.  And to learn how to be truly in the presence of our Heavenly Father – where we are able to allow God be God in the most intimate places within our lives – which in the end, is the only One who can change anything.

And as l read Exodus 14 – the amazing story of how our God freed the Israelite’s – where He asks Moses to “do his part” within this miraculous story – and tucked away within Exodus 14 – almost missed is verse 14 – “The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still!” Huge! Realizing that one of the purposes of solitude is to give us an open door in which to enter into such stillness, so that our Heavenly Father can come in and do what only He can do.* As we, in our humanness, struggle with the capability of being still; while allowing our Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit; to fight for us – without learning the discipline of how to help us accomplish this…which is to be still!

As what our Father is asking of us is a very “deep kind of rest” that is so unnatural and unknown to us. And as l look back through these past months of solitude and silence – waiting – grieving – trusting – weeping – doubting; but also, with my heart overflowing with a new love, joy, and hope, with grace and mercy – as I choose to listen and obey and to follow Him – even when it goes completely against my natural bent.  I have to ask myself why am I struggling with my new life – as I feel like a butterfly encased in a cocoon, sometimes self-inflicted, forcing me to wait and trust to become reborn.  As what our Heavenly Father wants for me, and for all of us, is a deep and intimate relationship with Him – beyond our understanding – to trust Him, and to know Him personally, as a  Father loves His Child.  Yes!  A pure gift of Love!

From my heart…


*Psalms 62  – *Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Haley Barton



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