“It’s Time! Follow ME!”

Train Over dirt road from Mississippi River - 2017 - 20161022_163837 (1)
Mississippi Railway by Brenda Storm

Realized while walking outside today sharing my heart with my Heavenly Father; that I feel as if l have become simply a combination of many bits and pieces; being held together with invisible spaces around each of them.  Asking who am I?  With the answer, “l am a Wife, a writer, an author, a mother, a grandmother, a teacher, a small group leader, a counselor, a mentor, an administrator, a caterer, an event planner, an entrepreneur, a business woman, a reader, a cook, a cleaner, a runner, a speaker, an advocate, a friend, a sister, a knitter of Prayer Afghans, a Mentor and a child of God, and a Messenger.” But gratefully and humbly, I am also the Daughter of the King intertwined with the Seed of the Divine –  waiting and trusting Him to gather me back together into some semblance of wholeness, so that l don’t feel so fragmented. Because if anyone asks me what l do or what my position is – l simply do not have a name for it!  Realizing now that these spaces placed around and between all of these areas within my life – are necessary to leave room for growth and movement – but they also make me feel insecure and directionless on days such as this.

So l find myself reaching out to hold my Shepherd’s hand – so He can steady my walk – while the ebb and flow of the Holy Spirit moves within me from one area to another – adding to one while pulling back from another – always allowing and designing spaces and adjustments; which are necessary, and must remain, to fulfill God’s Call on my life – and to fill the need at that particular time – like ligaments, joints, and marrow; are necessary to help our Body function as designed. As without them we would barely survive…if at all. Such a huge and amazing enlightenment for me to embrace! Leaves me Breathless!

So, once again, with this knowledge that l am completely, and totally, dependent on my Heavenly Father, with my Divine Warrior Protector, Jesus Christ; and also with the Holy Spirit – to guide my every step!  l am choosing to wait, trust, and believe – so that l am able to clearly hear His Voice whispering to my heart, “It’s Time! Follow Me!”

From my heart…


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